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Everyone is a leader. The most important leadership is the one of our own life.
Some of us lead, manage, motivate, coach and teach also others to help them with their professional careers or even in their private lives. It brings even more responsibility.
First we need to have our life in line with our purpose, values and believes before we guide others on their way. It is the only way how to be an authentic and inspirational leader, guide, manager, teacher, coach.
How can be yoga and its philosophy and techniques beneficial in this challenging task? Check out for yourself, come for the studio lecture or directly to private practice. In case you would like to know more what you can expect, scroll down for the short introduction of private practice.

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Body, mind, purpose

Body, mind, purpose

What we do



Awareness of body and it's processes
Weight modification
Health improvement
Physic improvement
Muscle tension release
Pain release
Increased energy level

body postures

  • body assessment
  • body alignment
  • laying pose correction
  • seating pose correction
  • standing pose correction
  • yoga postures
  • postures transition

energy/breath techniques

  • breathing assessment
  • relaxed breathing correction
  • full yoga breath
  • correct breathing during postures transition
  • breath techniques for tension release
  • breath techniques for pain release
  • breath techniques for energy increase
  • breath techniques for weight reduction


  • meditation techniques for tension release
  • meditation techniques for flexibility
  • meditation techniques for energy control
  • meditation techniques for digestion improvement

yogic sleep

  • deep relaxation technique for body rest
  • deep relaxation technique for tension release



Awareness of mind and it's processes
Focus and mind clarity
Mind and emotions control
Concentration improvement
Creativity increase
Stress release
Relaxation and healthy sleep

energy/breath techniques

  • breath techniques for calming the mind
  • breath techniques for stress release
  • breath techniques for focusing the mind
  • breath techniques for energy control

senses withdrawal

  • visualisations
  • mind control techniques for senses input withdrawal


  • mind control techniques for decreasing the chattering of thoughts
  • mind control techniques for single focusing the mind


  • meditation techniques for stress release
  • meditation techniques for energy control
  • meditation techniques for calming the mind
  • meditation techniques for creativity and imagination increase
  • self inquiry meditations

yogic sleep

  • deep relaxation techniques for mind control
  • deep relaxation techniques for stress release
  • deep relaxation techniques for setting positive goals



Self-knowledge and self-awareness
Contentment and happiness
Work-life balance
Personal and working purpose in line
Authentic leadership
Purposeful living

right ethics

  • Ahimsa
  • Satya
  • Asteya
  • Brahmacarya
  • Aparighraha


  • Saucha
  • Santosha
  • Tapas
  • Ishvara pranidhana
  • Svadhyaya


  • self inquiry meditations
  • mantra japa


  • deep meditation/absorption for self remembrance
  • deep meditation/absorption for reconnecting with unity

yogic sleep

  • deep relaxation techniques for self understanding


  • mantra recitations for controlling the mind
  • mantra recitations for different vibrational outcomes

Systematic Personal Development

First Circle

1. Fyzical Development Focus

The prevailing practice of asanas, pranayama, and short meditation, simmilarly designed to our studio lectures but tailored for practitioner needs according to Vinyasa Krama.
Practice is individual and with immediate adjustments and modification of techniques by the instructor.

Second Circle

2. Mental Development Focus

Focused practice on the desire and/or needed development of the mind and the spiritual growth.
A part of physical asana practice and the greater part is devoted to pranayama, work with mind and to meditation techniques.

Third Circle

3. Yoga Therapy

Practice focused on a comprehensive lifestyle change. We create an individual plan according to the physical type and the mental setting and during the guidance we lead practitioner to a positive change starting from the diet, lifestyle change, personal values and goals setup.
We build the guidance on our knowledge of yoga and its philosophy, Ayurvedic healing, including aromatherapy, mantras and meditations.

Fourth Circle

4. Yoga for Leaders

Guidance focused on personal development and leadership skills development by using yoga techniques, philosophy and values. This type of leading (coaching, counseling, mentoring) is designed for owners and top managers who want to systematically work on themselves and develop their leadership skills. Thanks to my 20 years of experience in leadership and top management positions, I connect yoga and business in the areas of strategy, business development, marketing, product portfolio, innovation and others.



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