Business Development & Yoga Philosophy

Ing. Daniel Paulus

Daniel Paulus

I connect and unite two different worlds

WESTERN - business and commercial

focused on the individual development and material success – thanks to my education and 20 years business experiences​

EASTERN – unifying and balancing

focused on a purpose and values – thanks to my yoga, philosophy and psychology studies and teaching​


let’s bring purpose, values, ethics, responsibility, wisdom and awareness back into our lives and business​

Areas of Expertise and Interest​

Water Management

I connect organisations, government and business around one of the most important topics in our world - the water. I create a practical business development projects which makes sense economically and in the same time are responsible to our environment.

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Circular Economy

I participate on a projects which considers the business development in a way that is responsible to the environment and also financially successful. I help to design the products and business models in a way that minimise the waste, energy usage, pollution or even directly improving it.

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I help companies to create responsible strategies and translate them into the practical activities. Good strategy always starts with the vision of what I want, assessment of opportunities and available resources.

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I work with companies to implement the idea "from in.novation to in.spiration", from creating something just new to creating products/services/businesses which are purposeful and meaningful.

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Business Development

From scaling the business, extending it to different market segment, creating the sales systems and environment to fiting it to the overall framework of company culture, vision and strategy.

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Personal Development

Together with my wife we use the yoga philosophy, values and techniques together with our business and life experiences to guide people on the path of purposeful development. We help others to experience their full potential on both material and spiritual level.

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Me and my wife Kristýna are humble adepts of Sri Vidya yoga lineage. I teach a few studio lectures a week, private lectures, yoga therapy including the physical aspect, work with energy, meditations, philosophy. I use the values, philosophy and techniques in my business and every day life.

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